We are a small group of bicyclists who live around Abingdon, Va. Our objective is to improve our own bicycling experiences and promote local bicycling. We can go a long way in doing this by building a network of road and mountain bike riders in the area and by encouraging each other to get out and ride. Most rides start and end near Abingdon because that's where we live. Hopefully as other cyclists from Washington Co. and adjacent areas join us they will suggest additional ride options. Currently the calendar contains only road rides. Off road riders are invited to join our group and list rides on our calendar. If you are interested in participating in any of our rides or would like to find bicyclists with similar riding interests to you, please join us on any ride or contact us. Also, you should subscribe to the discussion Forum so that you can receive updates on rides and overall group communication. Check out our link to a google map where we identify locations where dogs may create a danger to cyclist. To order a jersey, Go to our contact page Gregg Owens DDS DR Allen & Associates PC Special T MFG Please take a minute to visit our sponsors: Sponsor Corner: Supporting their communities and working to improve the lives of those around them has been part of Alpha Natural Resources’ culture from Day One.  In order to make the most impact, Alpha gives priority emphasis to Education, Arts and Culture, Social Development and Human Services. Through volunteer efforts, funding and support, they give of their time and resources to give back to the Communities where their businesses are located.